BisectHosting Reviews for 2018

bisecthosting Review

Bisecthosting Review

If you are Minecraft player and finding hosting service, you might be confused because today, there are plenty of this kind of hosting providers out there. Which is the best? Which is the cheapest because you have a low budget? You see it is not easy to decide which host to go with. So, let me help you! In this article I would like to recommend one of the best hosting providers – Bisecthosting.

About Bisecthosting

Bisecthosting provide Minecraft server hosting, game server, as well as web hosting package, voice server. Besides that, they also have VPS and dedicated server. But Minecraft and game server hosting are their main service.

Bisecthosting’s goal is to provide the best possible Minecraft hosting experience to clients. Because they know finding a server host that can deliver on what they promise is usually difficult. So Bisecthosting decide to set out their own Minecraft hosting service in 2012.

Minecraft hosting package from Bisecthosting

Bisecthosting provide Minecraft hosting budget and premium packages. Deciding which budget package depends on your wish and budget. With Bisecthosting’s Minecraft server hosting, you will have experience as easy and affordable as it can possibly be.

Budget package
If you are web owner with low budget, budget package is the best choice for you. You have different choices for this kind of package.

Although they are for budget clients but it doesn’t mean you receive the bad service. Your server hosting is set up instantly with multicraft control panel. You have full rights to access FTP, receive free MySQL, DDOS protection as well as free sub-domain. And of course, you will be supported 24/7 if you have any issue. Being clients who pay for budget package, you are provided standard unlimited HDD from Bisecthosting.

Premium package
In case you are ready to pay for premium package, advantages you have is more than budget package. Premium packages include all budget package’s features and other features like free unlimited slots, unlimited SSD space, free dedicated IP, daily backups, Modpack installation and update as well as free cauldron installation, sponge installation. You see, many free services for premium package.

Game server hosting by Bisecthosting

You can run favourite games with the best quality from their source game server. All servers are very high performance with large amounts of resources. To alleviate lag-free gameplay, they use the latest Intel processors. They have very latest technologies for their hardware.

When you pay for Bisecthosting’s game server, you no need to be worried so much when your server is attacked because you can cover this problem with their DDoS protection and this service is free of charge.

TCAdmin control panel is one of the must- know features of game server. This feature helps you manage all of aspect of your server.

Bisecthosting give you many choices with unlimited storage for game server. You can see some choice as below:

One of the things that you would like to focus when you decide to create a Minecraft, game server is a way to make a great community. These communities can be toxic because they are not being managed by professional moderators and admins. But with Minecraft and game server from Bisecthosting a wonderful balance is created between players and all members of the staff on Minecraft server.

Bisecthosting include a amazing support and a price that is extremely affordable. They know how their clients feel when they receive a quick and reliable server support. Players don’t feel as if moderators are something to be careful and fear. At any time of having any issues, players can contact and receive great support from Bisecthosting’s staff. They have a wealth of knowledge about running Minecraft and game server. So, any issues that you have will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Web hosting, Voice/Dedicated server and VPS

Bisecthosting provide not only Minecraft and game server but also other service such as web hosting, voice server, dedicated server and VPS.

Web hosting

Clients find different web hosting packages with unlimited MySQL databases, addon domains and manage website in detail or edit files when you need with full FTP access. Especially, price is very cheap.

Voice server

Players communicate online so a voice server with high quality will be necessary. Voice serve is the key to support the community growth.

VPS and dedicated server

VPS is one of the supporting tool for Minecraft and game server that you should have. VPS allows you to do what you want without limitation. And dedicated server help you set up Multicraft to run Minecraft on your server.

Bisecthosting is good hosting provider for you?

To know more about Bisecthosting, you can visit their website or contact directly to their support team via contact form on website.

If you are wondering Bisecthosting really all that good as we say it is. Firstly, wwe are not the one who suppose it is the good hosting provider. You see, many good reviews were written for their service.
On reddit

And many other reviews that we don’t have enough time to list them out. Not easy to choose hosting provider to go with your website but you don’t have any difficulty in finding many good reviews for Bisecthosting like above reviews on forums, blogs.

We have experience with service from Bisecthosting and we haven’t had any issue. Price for their services is very affordable.

So, if you are considering to choose hosting providers or not sure about Bisecthosting’s hosting quality, please feel free contact with us, we are always ready to share our experience and help you.

BisectHosting Reviews
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