Hostiso Reviews for 2019 is a website established in 2010 and provides online information storage services for customers is a website established in 2010 and provides online information storage services for customers offers a wide range of data storage solutions, such as information sharing, information storage. To do this, Hostiso must ensure the best security for server computer. Since 2010, they have provided this service to many customers around the world. And why we do not find out that has something special before using this service?

About Hostiso is a website about technology. It was be established in 2010. This website provides information storage services for customers. Headquarter of Hostiso is located in Germany.

After 8 years, Hostiso has been running data and services for clients in five countries: Canada, Germany, France, the United States and Singapore. Over the years, Hostiso has won much sympathy and trust from many customers.

Now, Hostiso provides mainly three service packages:
Shared Hosting.
VPS Hosting.
Dedicated Hosting.
Cloud Server

Each of these services is divided into different service packages ranging from low to high. The common features of them are:
– Very good quality, stable operation.
– Long-term warranty.
– A variety of Payment methods.

If there is a difference in Hostiso, it will be “Hostiso offers immediate activation method when you completed your payment.”

After confirming the payment, your server will be set up right away. Setup time is only about 5 minutes. Then you can use and deploy all services within 1 hour.

You may be worried about latency and bandwidth, but you can be quite because with 100 Gbit capacity, the system can handle large data sources with low latency and high bandwidth. In addition, technical staff will also help you perform other tasks as required.

We believe that your system is constantly attacked by many factors. Do not worry, Hostiso will provide the most up-to-date security mode for your serve computer. And, you will not have to pay any additional costs.

Hostiso service packages

As we said, Hostiso offers many different hosting packages. These packages are suitable for large and small businesses. Their service packages are varied, whether Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, Hostiso divide them into 3 service levels:
Basic package.
Business package.
Pro package.

Basic Packages is suitable for individual web pages with moderate traffic

Basic Packages is suitable for individual web pages with moderate traffic

Basic Packages

Firstly, we want to talk to you about the basic Packages. It is the popular service package for individuals. This service pack allows you to use an unlimited number of domains, 100 GB of RAID and unmatched bandwidth. This service pack is suitable for individual web pages with moderate traffic.

Business Packages

Secondly, business packages is the most popular service packages. Similar to the basic packages, customers will be using an unlimited number of domains, unmatched bandwidth and 500 GB of RAID. This packages is well suited for large business which has powerful website system.

Pro package

If you have high memory and domain requirements, you can consider the pro packages. It is suitable for companies which need carefull management about information. In addition to shared hosting, Hostiso also offers custom storage solutions for businesses with strict security requirements.

All three packages can be run by an application installer. You can pay by month or year. Of course, when you pay by year, you will save a lot of money compared to pay by month.

If you want, you can spend a few dollars to extend your web resources with by some utilities such as Spamtrawler Protection, Dedicated IP, Cloudflare Pro and SSL.

Hostiso is still providing greatly 24/7 support to their customers. They have technical staff and customer care staff with good skills and enthusiasm. They will help you set-up the server properly, update your software, and monitor the serve activities.

Hostiso provides information storage services for all objects, especially businesses. Storage solutions are shared with the best security by special support of Linux.

Advantages of Hostiso

– Servers are strictly managed, security is very good.
– Data is backed up regularly.
– Support insurance cost.
– The staff is available to answer questions, solve problems for customers anytime, anywhere.
– Hostiso allows customers 60 days to refund.
– SSL and domain are free with all service packages.

There are many advantages about service of Hostiso

There are many advantages about service of Hostiso

Disadvantages of Hostiso

– Despite the great staff but the demand of customers is too high. Sometimes, the staff can not respond promptly.
– No telephone support is available.

Some reviews of customers have used the service at Hostiso

A guy named Rob who used the service of Hostiso in 2017 shared that:
“Hostiso is a reliable address for us, the service here is very good, stable operation and especially reasonable price. In the future, I will continue to use Hostiso service if they maintain the quality of the service as they are present. If I have a chance, I will introduce Hostiso to my friends”.

A technology expert also shared about the quality of Hostiso’s services:
“I’ve been using Hostiso for many years, and I know technology is always changing, but Hostiso has done a great job as a service provider.”

Not only quality of service but also quality of Hostiso service is worth considering.
“I have been using Hostiso’s service since 2014 and have not had any dissatisfaction with the attitude of the staff. The technical staff here have very good skills and customer service staff extremely fun with customers”.

You can contact Hostiso through their website or portal. If you need a quick response, please contact Hostiso soonly, you will receive an early response.

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