Omnis Reviews for 2020

Omnis reviews

Omnis was founded in 1996. This provider was headquartered in Torrance, California, USA. The company says that they have provided the service to 400,000 domain names and customers.

Omnis is appreciated by customers and web hosting review websites. They have received many awards from 2006 to 2009 including “#1 Hosting Budget“, “Best Support” and “Best Affordable Hosting“.

Although Omnis’s hosting package is not comparable to other hosting providers such as Hawkhost, Hostgator, InterServer or iPage. But Omnis is high rated in the hosting market. You can easily find good reviews from customers for this provider on Hosting review website.

When it was founded in 1999, the company has provided affordable web hosting and domain registration services.

Omnis Hosting packages

This provider offer you 3 main hosting packages including: Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

On these tables below, i will show you the features of Omnis Hosting:

Shared hosting packages

 PlansPriceStorage/ BandwidthNo. of domainsNo. of emails
Linux Cloud$5.95Unmetered/ UnmeteredUnlimitedUnlimited
Windows Cloud$7.95Unmetered/ UnmeteredUnlimitedUnlimited

With starting hosting package only $5.95/mo, this is a good hosting for blog or small websites.

VPS Hosting Plans

 PlansPriceStorageBandwidthNo. of
IP addresses
Linux VPS Basic$1550GB500GBUnlimited512MB
Linux VPS Plus$2575GB750GBUnlimited1024MB
Linux VPS Premium$45100GB1000GBUnlimited1536MB
Windows VPS Basic$2525GB500GBUnlimited512MB
Windows VPS Plus$4050GB750GBUnlimited768MB
Windows VPS Premium$6075GB1000GBUnlimited1024MB

VPS is a other main hosting package of Omnis. You have 6 VPS packages for your choices including: Linux and Windows.

Starting VPS package only $15/mo, you will get a good VPS hosting. This is a good VPS pricing on Hosting market.

With Omnis hosting package, they guarantee 99.9% uptime for their customers.

A recent statistic shows that the average operating time of the Omnis hosting package over the past 8 years is 99.98% and the highest is 100%. This is so great. Maybe very few hosting providers can do this.

Abou Dedicated Servers, they offer 8 packages for you. From $109.40/mo to $156/mo for a high quality dedicated server. You can read the features of these Dedicated Servers on table below:

Dedicated Server Packages

 PlansPriceStorageType of processorRAM
In Stock Server 1$109.40250 GBIntel Quad Core Xeon X34504GB
In Stock Server 2$118.301TBIntel Xeon E3-1230 (Quad Core)8GB DDR3
In Stock Server 3$121.801TBIntel Xeon E3-12208GB
In Stock Server 4$129.501TBIntel Xeon E3-1230 (Quad Core)16GB DDR3
In Stock Server 5$135.101TBIntel Xeon E3-124516GB
In Stock Server 6$137.90500 GBDual Intel Xeon E5502 (Dual Core)12GB
In Stock Server 7$141.80500 GBIntel Xeon E3-122012GB
In Stock Server 8$156.001TBIntel Quad Core Xeon Nehalem E550612GB

Support Services

This provider supports customers through: phone, live chat and email. They provide 24/7 support and their support specialists are always there to help. They also provide a library of online video tutorials.

Omnis supplier technical support staff get a lot of good feedback with their quick and knowledgeable help.

Weekness of Omnis

The price of this provider’s hosting package is not as cheap as some other hosting providers.

Their cPanel dashboard lacked some functionality and was rated rather unfriendly by their customers.

There are some free functions from other providers but at Omnis, they will charge extra for some functions.


The hosting package of this provider can not be compared by hawkhost, hostgator …

The price of hosting package and the function of hosting package are not as good as other providers.

However, Omnis customer service is always highly appreciated by customers and the webmaster community. This becomes the highlight of this provider.

Omnis Reviews
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