Avast Reviews for 2019

Avast reviews

Although Avast is a new name has appearance in recent years, but Avast is gradually gaining much love of technology. Especially, Free Avast Antivirus is always one of the top security options besides other free antivirus brands such as AVG or Avira.

Avast has officially released a new version of the Windows security product series. Free Antivirus 2017 is the most expected product from the individual user.

If you are looking for a product to prevent and remove the malware, virus… for your computer, then Avast Antivirus Free 2017 will definitely be a good choice for you even although it is free version. The new features included in Avast make this program gradually become a set of tools to prevent the risk from the Internet rather than just a regular antivirus product.

In addition, this compact software is rated good for system resources, has relatively fast virus scanning speed, the ability to find and kill the virus effectively. Another noteworthy point is that Avast Free Antivirus also has the feature to block email attachments. Avast says that updates on dangers are always updated daily to best protect users.

Features of Avast Antivirus

WebRep: This is plugin for both popular browsers nowadays is Internet Explorer and Firefox. This utility has the function of arranging websites depending on the level of these websites. Avast will check the credibility of any website you are visiting. If malicious codes attack to the system, Avast will immediately issue a warning to alert the user.
Autosandbox: As you know, Avast software security is not simple. Because of Avast 7 uses Autosandbox to allow the computer to run suspicious software in a virtual environment and when there are indications that the software contains malicious software, Avast will immediately be blocked the software. Virtual environment, ensuring the safety of your real computer.

Script and Behavior Shields: Avast 7’s real-time protection of the PC has become much more powerful. Just be assured that every softwares of your computer, such as those that are running to the background, is covered by Avast 7. Do not stop there, even sending, receiving emails, download or upload… are also strictly controlled by Avast 7.

Boot-time scanner: With this feature, Avast will run before Windows startup. This ensures that you have a stable Windows operating system as well as a lot of risk from malware.

In addition, Avast 7 paid version also includes useful features such as Safe Zone or Site Blocking …


User interface is one of the indispensable components of any software. A friendly, clear and reasonable interface will help users to understand the usage as well as achieve higher efficiency. Avast 7 also does this job very good.

Overall, Avast 7 retains a familiar interface like its predecessors. This will help long-term users of this product do not have to spend time getting used to the new interface with the new interface.

Avast 7’s streamlined and easy-to-use make it easy for new users easy to use. You will quickly grasp most of the functions of Avast 7 without spending much time and effort. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to install Adobe Flash Player so that you can view the statistics and history of virus scans in the Statistics section of the program.

High usability

The worry of many people who use antivirus software is usually the a big amount of memory that the program occupies when it is running in the background. This is reasonable when you do not want your computer to become heavy and slow.
If so then you rest assured, Avast 7 is the anti-malware product that occupies the least amount of memory when it’s running in the background. Specifically, Avast 7 ranges from 6MB to 13MB, which is too small compared to McAfee Antivirus Plus (which accounts for nearly 60MB of memory).


Avast 7 is well suited for PC users who have the strengths of low configuration, easy to use and very simple to use.

Compared to other free antivirus software on the market, Avast is always the first choice for many users worldwide.

If you would like to opt for paid antivirus software, Avast offers you a cost-effective paid package. In addition, Avast lets you experience the software within 30 days of trial. Can you use to see its features to decide whether to buy or not?

Avast Antivirus Reviews

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