Avira Reviews for 2020

Avira reviews

Avira AntiVirus is one of the free anti-virus softwares widely used by many, because it supports many advanced features to ensure the safety of personal computers against threats from the Internet, via USB and other Other storage devices.

With Avira Free AntiVirus, users can quickly detect viruses as well as scan for their computer very effectively. So, if your computer does not have any antivirus solution, please download Avira Free AntiVirus to your computer to protect your data and system.

This provider offer 2 main products including: Paid Avira AntiVirus and Avira Free AntiVirus. Although free software, but the features of Avira Free Antivirus is not inferior to other anti-virus software costs. When scanning for viruses, Avira Free Antivirus will create exclusion rules, assign priority in the system analysis phase, eliminate viruses, spyware and malware quickly.

In particular, the latest version of Avira Free Antivirus 2017 is fully Windows 10 compatible, giving you the security you need on the latest Microsoft operating system.

With paid antivirus software, you are provided with more utilities. This gives your PC better protection and 24/7 support.

The Featutes of Avira Antivirus

In 2016, a wide range of data security and network security issues have occurred to users in general. There is no clear information on the damage, but the risk is huge when the user encounters malicious code spread through many sources.

This is the reason Avira Antivirus keeps updating their software for both free and paid. You can read some basic features of Avira Free Antivirus:

  • AntiVir blocks all types of viruses
  • Mechanism of protection AntiAd / Spyware blocking of adware and spyware
  • AntiRootkit helps detect hidden rootkits
  • QuickRemoval removes viruses with just one click
  • NetbookSupport supports low resolution computers
  • AHeADTechnology can detect viruses even without a virus profile
  • AviraSupport allows you to contact when there is a problem with the software
  • Keep your PC clean: scan your system to avoid getting viruses, worms, trojans
  • Prevent new viruses: AheAD technology will block as soon as the code is suspected
  • Easy to install: set up a fast installation to protect your computer.

Similar to many other antivirus softwares such as Avast or Kaspersky,…  Avira Antivirus not only protects user’s computer from malware but also removes virus easily, then self Dynamically repair computer system.

Avira Antivirus is the basic protection for viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, adware and spyware. Software has been tested more than 100 million times around the world

With paid version, you will get the following special features:

It retains the same basic features of antivirus software as real-time protection, scheduler scanning, firewall settings, in-depth scanning, rootkit scanning, etc. However, in this version, Avira antivirus has Enhanced anti-ransomware features (Against malicious code money extortion).

In addition, Avira’s database of viruses has also been significantly upgraded, featuring protection against malicious code that spreads through social networks, and secure browsing are also features that Avira Upgrade in this version.

In the paid Avira version you can take a look at the special features below:

Device Control: Avira’s new technology allows users to securely connect peripheral devices such as USB. Devices connected to the computer will be checked and treated maliciously before being actually working on your computer.

Avira Browser Safety: Avira Browser Safety is installed on your computer as an extension, with support for multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. This technology monitors access on the user’s computer to avoid spreading malicious code when users click on strange links or visit fake sites.

Avira Phantom VPN technology: Enables encryption of personal information, bank accounts, passwords, browsing history, etc. Additionally, you can block external access to the PC, Virtual connection, anonymous access on the Internet.

System Speedup: Avira offers built-in system acceleration technology in its suite of products, including: Improved battery life, junk file handling, accelerated startup, registry management, and more.

Avira Anti-Thief: Avira’s security technology allows users to protect their devices from theft. Avira has also built Avira Anti-Thief for phones, so your devices from PC to phone will always be protected.


This is a software that provides effective, practical security solutions, not too complicated. For any users, this is an optimal choice to protect yourself against Internet security risks.

In overview, Avira Antivirus provides users with the ability to easily remove viruses, which are suitable for a variety of different computer configurations, ensuring the security of your data with real-time protection.

Avira AntiVirus Reviews
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