Kaspersky Reviews for 2019

Kaspersky reviews

At present, the computer is almost indispensable in the daily activities to serve the work, study or play, entertainment … Along with it the selection of the best security software to ensure security for the information in the process of working, entertaining and learning.

Today, the famous security company Kaspersky has launched the KAV, KIS, KTS antivirus suite with many advanced features and increase the performance, scanning speed and compatibility with the latest version of Windows 10 that KIS 2017 support.

The version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 is highly appreciated in the popular anti-virus software in the world today and KIS is also the favorite anti-virus software in use in the world. In addition to the features in the 2017 version, in this new version 17.x Kaspersky has upgraded and added a lot of features.

According to a survey conducted by the AV-Test.org security testing center, KIS is NO.1 when it reached the maximum score in the ability to protect and repair when malicious code affects the system (6/6). About the customization of use, the program reached 5/6 points.

New features of Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Kaspersky 2017 is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10.
  • Kaspersky 2017 is redesigned to a modern and easy to use interface.
  • Kaspersky 2017 is optimized to improve system speed and performance.
  • Since Kaspersky 2017 will no longer support Windows XP: so if you use Win XP, please install Kaspersky 2016 or below.
  • Added a “User Guide” button: Newbies can easily learn the basic features of the software.
  • Software Updater (update): allows you to automatically update your favorite software and applications to the latest version.
  • Software Cleaner: allows you to remove or remove junk, faulty software, adware, or other malicious applications.
  • Audio Control: Block Microphone access for applications that fall into the “High Limit” or “Not Trust” group. “Low-limit” group applications will be consulted when accessing the Microphone. Audio Control works independently of the Webcam Access feature.
  • Trusted Application Mode: moved to the “Show Additional Tools” window. More options are available for “Quick Start” function.
  • Kaspersky Secure Connection: Securely encrypts data transmitted over the network to protect your data and privacy over Wifi and Internet.
  • Wi-Fi Network Notifications: Warns when accessing unsecured wireless networks
  • Anti-Banner: Block windows, unwanted promotional content.
  • Manage Application: Improves the interface and reprocesses the “Indentity Data” window. In the Application Manager window, you can sort by the application that is using the network. Now users can categorize unknown applications to any groups.
  • Antivirus Database: Reduce the size of the database on the application when released to facilitate the release. However, Database will be fully added when first updated.
  • Do not Track: new function to detect and prevent tracing queries from web pages. The function also allows to check for traced queries in the system that is found and selectively to block. Authorized lists of trusted sites are also provided in this function.
  • Safe Money: Reengaged in a new direction of operation that is not based on Plugins in most cases. Plugins are only needed in some cases such as in-store purchases.
  • Password Manager: helps manage all your passwords.
  • System Changes Control: A notification window will be displayed to the user when any 3rd party software is trying to make changes to the web browser settings or add Extension to the browser.
  • Compatible with KidSafe (child protection): works in tandem with child protection.
  • A number of other features have also been improved such as: Safe Money, Upgrade in the Background, Mail, Anti-Virus …

Smart firewall of Kaspersky Antivirus

KIS’s firewall allows users to easily control the in / out network connections of the applications in the operating system with their own settings.

In addition, most of the program control activities from the KIS firewall will help users will not feel disturbed by the pop-up window appears suddenly.

Advanced anti- email spam program

Users will be able to configure Kaspersky’s anti-spam filter to block or allow certain e-mail addresses or prevent messages containing inappropriate content.

For e-mail-receiving programs on personal computers like Microsoft Outlook, the KIS toolbar provides a number of buttons for marking spam messages.

Kaspersky’s filters can distinguish between spam and advertising messages that users are interested in. However, users should still incorporate the use of the “Not spam” button to better categorize the sender’s address so that KIS can work more precisely.

Parental Control

With Parental Control, users can set different configuration options for each Windows account, with the ability to lock access to up to 14 categories.

In addition, Kaspersky also allows parents to schedule weekly or daily schedules for the use of computers, the Internet or any program for children. Kaspersky will monitor most instant messaging services as well as the ability to block unwanted contacts through pre-installed keywords.

A comprehensive report that is provided to parents about their online lives, such as visited sites, blocked or social networking sites, messages, etc. are all listed. Parents will be able to control everything without having to resort to a program or other tool.

Kaspersky Internet Security: A good choice

The version of Kaspersky Internet Security is a set of applications that can provide everything a user needs in a security program.

Online fraud protection and spam filtering have been improved many times over the previous version. Safe Money will help protect the user completely in every financial transaction at various levels.

In addition to the combination of optimized behavioral analysis algorithms for each version with a large malicious database combined with Kaspersky Security Network’s cloud platform, KIS really delivers peace of mind. Absolutely when users work, surf the web or entertain online without having to worry about security issues.

Kaspersky Antivirus Reviews
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