Norton Reviews for 2019

Norton reviews

Norton Internet Security is a multi-featured anti-virus software in a small package. It protects your system against viruses, rootkits, phishing, trojans, spam, spyware, keyloggers, malicious links or malicious files.

With Norton Insight’s state-of-the-art scanning engine and fast speed, the software detects malicious components almost instantly and simultaneously blocks their intrusion into the system.

Compared to previous versions, Norton Internet Security 2017 did not feature significant changes in features. Instead, the manufacturer improves a bit on the interface and focuses on improving performance, while updating new technologies.

Main features of Symantec Norton Antivirus

Norton Security is a secure antivirus software, providing users with the fastest online threat protection. Helps protect computers, networks, and online activities by improving detection technology.

During web surfing, dangerous elements are in latent form, so a firewall integration tool like Norton Security will automatically detect and remove them. In addition, it also helps users recover damaged systems that cause serious damage.

Norton Security includes a password manager and tools to protect your identity and login information when you surf the web. It is a secure place to store your addresses, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses and more, thus avoiding keylogger tracking.

Norton Protection System – Software with 5 layers of protection can detect and remove threats more quickly and accurately than other technologies.

Network Defense Layer Protection – Prevents online harm before they reach the computer.

Norton Management – Allows you to fix, update, refresh and install Norton Security in just a few clicks.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook – Scans new sources of data on your Facebook to find dangerous links, download viral infections and unsafe websites.

Automatic Backup – Automatically backs up your photos, music and important files when not in use.

PC Tuneup – Corrects some common computer errors, freeing up memory, removing unnecessary files and cleaning up your hard drive.

Parental Controls Management – Enables you to access Norton Online Family through Norton Security.

Antiphishing Technology – Prevent fraudulent websites from stealing passwords, passwords and personal information.

Norton Identity Safe – Remember, secure and automatically enter your username and password.

Norton Safe Web – Protect you while surfing the web by alerting and blocking unsafe websites.

Download Insight – Protect you from dangerous applications before installing them.

Norton Pulse Updates – Updates every 5 to 15 minutes without bothering you.

With Norton Security, you get a better system protection experience than ever, helping to quickly detect and eliminate most of the dangers. Norton continues to leverage the power of cloud computing to help keep users safe online, whether they’re surfing the web, social networking or online shopping.


The interface of Norton Antivirus continues to give users an impressive view of the design Contains the Modern UI of the latest operating system. Besides the reasonable arrangement of some of the main protection functions of the software. Information displayed on the screen is kept to a minimum.

It can be seen that almost new versions of Antivirus are now redesigning the interface to fit the latest operating system, with the function buttons are larger and the information displayed is dark. Completely complete.

Additional features of Symantec Norton Antivirus

Any version of the protection software is equipped with some additional features. And Norton Antivirus is no exception. Includes 3 important features:

  • Norton Power Eraser allows users to scan to see if there are malicious software running on the computer or not. If so, the software will allow users to clean up those malicious software. The biggest advantage of this tool is the small and lightweight, which works well on both low-profile computers. The downside is that this tool only has the effect of scanning, checking and killing, but not the effect of real-time protection (prevent the virus attack).
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is designed to enable users to create an emergency bootable CD / DVD / USB drive, which allows you to perform a scan and destroy the hidden viruses in your computer. No need to visit Windows.
  • Norton Zone was introduced early this year by Norton as a free cloud backup for users. With Norton Zone you can be more comfortable when storing and synchronizing important data with 5GB of free storage space and can be upgraded further.


This is Norton’s advantage over other security products, the performance of Norton Antivirus is relatively stable and does not take up much memory space when running as well as during the scan or kill malicious code. .

Norton Antivirus installation files are quite large, but the installation process is less than 1 minute with just one click, and you do not have to restart your computer after installation.


Compared to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Norton Antivirus is not inferior to anything else, and considering running on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 RTM, Norton Antivirus may be dominant.

If you are looking for the best option for protecting your personal computer, Norton Antivirus is a perfect choice. In addition, there are very few companies that offer 24/7 support in one year using phones and email like Norton Antivirus.

Norton Antivirus Reviews
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