BlueHost Reviews for 2019

bluehost reviews
Experts think that the best way to find a user-friendly hosting is for any user to comment on whether they can find the information they need immediately or not.

Based on that criterion, I believe that Bluehost has a very friendly interface, which I can easily find what I need, such as Cloud Sites, Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting.

While iPage offers three major services (web hosting, wordpress, and domain), Bluehost hosting has more options for customers to choose including WordPress hosting, shared hosting, cloud site, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and WooComerce hosting.

BlueHost Hosting Packages

Bluehost is providing some hosting packages including shared hosting package, VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting and dedicated servers. The shared hosting package is perfect for your blog, but if you have a WordPress blog or website with alot of traffic, I suggest you should to use their managed WordPress hosting package.

For a reliable WordPress server of Bluehost, in addition to running the latest versions of PHP and MYSQL, the server is configured to handle the overwhelming load that usually occurs with WordPress. I can verify that Bluehost handles everything very efficiently. In fact, we have seen the traffic up to 20,000 per day without any interruption for my website.

With Bluehost shared hosting packages, they have three different packages, you can choose any package that fits your specific needs.

  • If you want to create your own website, you should buy basic packages.
  • If you intend to host multiple pages, please buy the “plus” package.
  • If you need to use HTTPS, the Prime package with a dedicated I.P and SSL is need for you.

The pricing of these hosting packages is quite cheap with the basic hosting packages only $3.95/mo when using discounts code. This is a reasonable cost for students, teachers or small businesses.

Most users should use the “plus” package because it provides everything you need (unless you are a business package user because of the need for dedicated I.P and SSL).

Bluehost offers unlimited storage. This means you can store unlimited files, and use unlimited bandwidth. However, keep in mind that they have a usage Policy. But the limits of usage Policy are too high so you can think it as “unlimited”.

Bluehost shared hosting using cPanel, these panels are the easiest storage software I know. Most shared hosting companies use cPanel standard and you will be easy to use it. Actually, cPanel helps you manage your hosting account more easily. In addition, Bluehost is one of the few shared web hosting companies that allow SSH access.

Operation time is very reliable. According to many surveys, Bluehost’s uptime is nearly 99.94%. In the first 12 months of using Bluehost, my website has taken 5 hours out of nearly 9000 operating hours. Sometimes the server crashed in February, which resulted from the DDos attack. However, 99.94% is still a good figure that you can trust.

The weakness of Bluehost

Customer support response is quite slow. This is a sign that Bluehost is dealing more questions from their customers than they can. There are a few providers like Godaddy, with more larger user base but with a large number of support staff they can guarantee better customer support. There is no reason that a big supplier like Bluehost can not invest in increasing the number of employees in the customer support network and this is a big weakness of them.


Bluehost is currently one of the best and most popular hosting providers, which is the advice of professional bloggers. Although Bluehost service is not as perfect as other web hosting providers. However, their quality hosting is not bad and still acceptable to maintain a fast and reliable web site for their users. Especially for small businesses without much capital.

BlueHost Reviews
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